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How are you doing spiritually?

I see and observe many Christian people who don’t seem to be very well satisfied with the spiritual life they are living. I know that God did not intend for a Christian’s life to be boring or frustrated or disappointing. He promised us peace, joy and satisfaction. His call to us was to abundant life, full of blessing and praise. Recently in my reading of the Word and the writings of people like Chuck Coleson, Ann Graham Lotz and Brennan Manning I have discovered some principles and exercises that may help you find out what is wrong with, and how you may correct the shortcomings of your religious experience. Peter tells us that God has provided us with everything we need for life and godliness. Among these I am sure are plenty of the sunshine of His love, a grand sufficiency of living water, and the wonderful nourishment of His word. Then why are we not flourishing? We know that “God will supply all your need according to His riches in glory.”

Let’s do a little troubleshooting. OK?

This may seem elementary, but my first question is:

How is your faith?

Faith is basic. No one can have a Christian life without faith. In Hebrews it says, “Without faith it is impossible to please God. If we are not in position to please God how can we expect to have a joyful life? “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God” To believe God’s word, we must. “Believe that he (God) is and that He will reward those who diligently seek him. What I am getting at here is: Do you really trust God’s promises of salvation? Do you truly honor him as your creator and the creator of the universe? “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” When you truly believe God, His Spirit will witness with your spirit that you are his child. Then you know without a doubt that God is real, for you will feel it in your soul. Say from your heart: ”God said it. I believe it. And that settles it!” Jesus told us that if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed we could move mountains”. It doesn’t take much, but we must have it.

When Abraham believed God it was counted to him as righteousness. When we exercise our faith in God, we become spiritual descendants of Abraham, and are heirs of the promise of God.

Abraham’s faith was tested when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac, his only son and heir. Abraham’s response was: “ I believe God will raise Isaac from the dead or do whatever it takes to keep his promise.” And went ahead and prepared to sacrifice his son. Is your faith like that? It can be!

Faith in God must have three facets:

  1. Faith in the person(s) of God. Believing that he IS. Believe that his nature is love and justice. That he is everywhere. That he is the powerful creator and the source of all things.

  1. Believe in his precepts. Believing that his word and his will are the ultimate wisdom for life.

3. Believe in his provision. Knowing by faith that the gift of his Son, Jesus, for our salvation, is the proof that he will give us everything we need to live a worthy and productive life here and life eternal with Him.

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