Friday, July 27, 2007

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit,
The Proof and Power Of Our Salvation.

1. Jesus proved to us by His virgin birth, His sinless life, His matchless teaching, His sacrificial death, and His miraculous resurrection, and that He indeed was God's Son, and at some point we have, or will have believed on Him and will have become a Christian.
2. At this time we have become God's children, heirs with Christ, receiving the Holy Spirit, which He promised us. Paul calls Him the "Earnest". He is our birth certificate. "His Spirit witnesses with our spirit". We now can call God our Abba! The Spirit is our engagement ring we "now are espoused to Christ". He is our passport; He opens the Gates of Heaven to us. He is our debit card to all the riches of God's grace credited to our account in Glory!
3. Not only all of that, He fills our hearts with Love, comforts us in our trouble, guides and directs our every step if we listen to His voice. And produces His fruit in our life.
4. Have we welcomed Him in? Or have we resisted Him, grieved Him, disobeyed Him, or polluted His temple with sin? He is very tender and holy!
5. Do we walk in the Spirit and thereby fulfill the law if Christ?

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